Special Feel And Quality…

Bone artwork has a very special feel about it, unlike anything else you will experience. It’s milky white appearance and soft flowing lines are just the start… It is soft and warm to the touch yet the finish is like polished glass, it seems to blend with your body and become a part of you, especially when worn against your skin.

The Bone Carving Becomes Part Of You Over Time…

Over a period of time the carving absorbs oils from your skin and can change color to a very light honey gold. The Māori believe this to be the carving taking on some of your spirituality or essence and thus truly becoming a part of the wearer.

A bone carving is very special piece of personal artwork to wear yourself or give to someone you care about.

Most Carvings Combine Elements from Several Areas of

The Māori have a great respect for nature and have many legends about the creation of the earth and all its inhabitants.

Many of these legends revolve around the spirits or gods who created or protect each part of their world such as the mountains, the forests, the lakes and the creatures of the sea.

Most carvings combine elements from several areas of mythology which interact with each other to tell a story.

Each element has its own specific meaning and the way they are portrayed or combined is what gives a carving its own special character.

The meanings of some elements vary from region to region but all share common roots.

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Hand Crafted…

Each piece is handcrafted by U.S. based Māori artisan, Te Ngere Russell Pehi.

No two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

Most carvings are created using cow bone.  However, Russell also enjoys working with jade, wood, antlers, and other media. 

His workshop includes a variety of tools, saws, custom bits and files.

Paua shell, custom engraving, and other elements, can be added to any carving.

All lashing, braiding, binding and plaiting is customized per piece and can be ordered specifically for any carving.

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